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The Captive Woman

The Captive Woman

This study will examine what the Scripture really says, and perhaps most critically to "whom" it is said.


The Last Days

This study will examine what the Scripture really says, and perhaps most critically to "whom" it is said.


Letter to the Hebrews

Travel back in time as Bob Gorelik brings fresh insight into this often misunderstood letter to the Hebrews.


Hebrew Idioms

Some of the profound differences between Greek and Hebrew and explores the correlation between language and worldview.


Nature of God Seminar

"The Nature Of God" seminar will open vistas of understanding for the novice as well as the most advanced students.



The age of the universe, according to the “Big Bang” theory, is the elapsed time between the Big Bang and the present day.



Paul’s letter to the Galatians has created a good deal of controversy—primarily because modern readers do not approach it from a Jewish perspective.



Anti-Semitic events: It is not just about "What" happened to Jews over the last 2,000 years, but "Why" it happened...


Acts of the Apostles

Examines the background of Luke, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost and the ministries of Peter, Stephen, John and Paul.


The "Passion" of Yeshua

Yeshua’s last words and final teachings, his celebration of the Passover, his arrest, trial, execution, and resurrection.


Messiah Seminar

Compiled to demonstrate that what the early Jewish disciples (Apostles) believed about Yeshua was thoroughly Jewish.


The Essentials

“The Essentials” explores the subject of Hermeneutics, which comes from the word hermanuo and means “to translate.”


The Covenant

This seminar is an in-depth study of the six biblical covenants specifically delineated in the Bible.


The Parables

Parables are a genre of literature unique to Yeshua and the Rabbis of the 2nd-Temple period.


Israel Seminar

The current conflict in the Middle-East between Israelis and Palestinians seems as old as time itself—but is it?


Brief Survey of the Siddur

This seminar gives the background of the Siddur and covers it’s History, Organization and Function. Includes Siddur and workbook.


Appointed Feasts

Subjects include an overview of the eight “sacred assemblies” mentioned in the Bible—the Sabbath and the seven “appointed feasts.”

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