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There are several ways you can support Eshav Books.

  1. Become a paid member - Your monthly membership fee helps up maintain this site and is tax deductible. Visit the Member Options page to learn more.
  2. Purchase Products & Seminars or make purchases through our Shop & Support Eshav Books Store. (Products, Seminars, and items purchased through our store ARE NOT tax deductible.)
  3. Make donations to  Eshav Books by clicking on the buttons below. If choosing designated donation, please be sure to tell us what your donation is for. (EX: Develop & Publish Discipleship Material, Establish Training Institute, Facilitate Messianic Congregations, Help with Travel Expenses, Disaster Relief, etc...)

How to support Eshav Books when you buy on Amazon.

  1. Sign into your Amazon account here:
  2. Type in Eshav Books in the search area where it says “Or pick your own charitable organization:” click search.
  3. When you see Eshav Books click on the gold button that says “select”.
  4. You will now see “Supporting: Eshav Books” right below the Amazon smile search bar after you've logged into your Amazon account.
  5. Please make sure to use and bookmark the new URL for Amazon you must use that link in order for us to receive the donation credit.
  6. You will also receive an email welcoming you to AmazonSmile and letting you know you're now supporting Eshav Books when you make a purchase on Amazon.

Eshav Books is a religious charity exempt from federal income tax as an organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions to the Organization are tax-deductible to the fullest.
Please keep a copy of your receipt for your records.

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