Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is the uncomfortable feeling we get when we hold two (or more) conflicting ideas simultaneously. If you are new to (or and you have a heart for the truth, you will, in all likelihood, experience it.

Why? Because you will be challenged to re-examine what you believe about God, about the Bible, about the life of Yeshua (Jesus), about the events recorded in the Book of Acts, and the letters of Paul.

The whole Bible, including the Apostolic Writings (the New Covenant) were written by authors with a Jewish World-View—not a Western (or Greek) one. Their writings reflect Jewish ideas, not Greek ones. Therefore, their “theology,” i.e., what they believed and taught about God is more analogous to the perspective of the Rabbis than to Plato, Aristotle or St. Augustine.

It takes time to “work out” some of these “discrepancies”—it’s OK—that’s what we are here for! And, as we “reason together” we’ll come to a better understanding and appreciation of the Truth!

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