Another devastating day in Israel

Ongoing conflict in Israel

According to AIPAC (the American-Israel Political Action Committee) "today was another devastating day in Israel as the death count grew to 1,200 people, the population equivalent of 48,000 Americans. The IDF has announced that 189 soldiers are among those killed." The unrestrained brutality of Hamas is mind-boggling - entire families murdered, in some cases burned alive, and in many cases decapitated. Many young men, women, and children were taken hostage, and women were raped. Many of those who support the "Palestinians" in the United States and in other countries around the world rejoice at the cruelty, hatred, and wholesale slaughter of innocent lives and justify these actions on behalf of their "cause."
We've posted a few videos on our website to keep you "posted" regarding what is going on in Israel and to hear from people living through it. In some cases, like the videos produced by Praeger U or the one showing support for Israel in various places around the world, they are intended to help those of us who live outside of Israel better understand what is happening there and support Israel in whatever way we can.
The other video is connected to a powerful speech by President Biden as he shares his thoughts regarding these events.
Please check back frequently, as we will also post additional videos. We want everyone to know what is really going on - through the eyes of those living through it.
Warm regards. Bob

Videos on the conflict in Israel

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