Ari Abramowitz debates Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz

We recently receive the following email from our friend Jeremy Gimpel from about a debate Ari had with Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz on whether the Settlements are good for Israel:

A few weeks ago, The Wall Street Journal published his [Prof. Dershowitz] plan to reignite the peace process which called for a settlement freeze and further surrender of large parts of the Land of Israel.

As if the absurdity of the plan was not self-evident, it was summarily endorsed by PA President Mahmud Abbas, a man responsible for countless Jewish deaths and whose doctoral thesis was a denial of the Holocaust. Not the kind of guy you want endorsing anything you do.

The debate took place on which is a phenomenal new Israeli online debating platform - a start-up that only Jews could have thought up - after all who loves debating more? And they are making waves - - just this last week they appeared on CNN, FOX, Forbes, The Huffington Post and many other media outlets.

The Jewish right to Israel is the core of everything that is happening right now!  

I guarantee you will love this debate and if you agree with Ari, please vote by clicking on the green button under Ari that says "agree".

To view the debate click here. It takes a few moments to load depending on your internet speed so please be patient.

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