What is ‘Progressive Revelation’?

The term “Progressive Revelation” is often used very casually, and can mean different things to different people. There is an important distinction in Jewish thought between what is new and what is illuminated at a later time.  In Christian theology, revelation is often used of information that is “brand new” and revealed by God only to certain individuals. According to Jewish thought, whereas “revelation” is obviously a valid phenomenon, it often involves acquiring a deeper understanding of something already revealed. That is, sometimes a “full” (or complete) understanding of “something” is not revealed until the right time, or until the occurrence of a specific event.  …

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Is All Difficulty in Life a Sign of Sin?

There is a mistaken notion that difficulty (or the lack of prosperity) in life is necessarily a direct result of our sin (either inwardly or outwardly). And, it is because of this sin that God withholds His blessing from us. The converse notion is also faulty, that prosperity is necessarily a sign of God’s favor or approval. …

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