Dodging the Draft Because of God?!

Shalom Friends,There have 2 massive demonstrations in Israel by religious Jews against serving in the IDF. Here are thoughts about the honor of serving as religious Jew in David's Army in 2014. Please Share to spread another voice!

Dodging the Draft Because of God?!



I am a platoon sergeant in the IDF. I am a religious Jew. I am a platoon sergeant in the IDF because I am a religious Jew.

Days ago, hundreds of thousands of religious Charedi Jews gathered in Jerusalem to protest the idea that they should be drafted into the army like every other Jewish citizen of Israel. A similar demonstration was held this week in New York. They didn't call to renounce their Israeli citizenship or demand mass emigration. On the contrary, the same Charedi leadership who organized the protest continues to demand that the country they refuse to serve, service them and fund their institutions. This, they claim, is the Torah law and the will of God....

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