Appointed Feasts

"The Lord's Appointed Feasts"- An Overview Preparing for the High Holy Days by Robert Gorelik

As the name implies, the “Feasts of the Lord” are appointed not by man, but by God—and they are His “sacred assemblies,” that is, times when God’s people gather together to celebrate His goodness and greatness.

Each “Feast” (or Festival) speaks of a different aspect of God’s covenant relationship with His people—from the Feast of Passover, which speaks of God’s redemptive work on their behalf—to the Feast of Tabernacles, which speaks of the Messiah’s “coming on the clouds of heaven” to “gather His people from (all of) the countries where (they) have been scattered”—and bring them back to the Land of Israel where He will establish His millennial kingdom on earth.

The Feasts are a powerful means through which we can experience the many facets of our own relationship with God—not as a one-time redemptive event, but in terms of the way we interact with God on a daily basis and the extent to which we are connected to God’s people when we assemble together to celebrate.

Subjects include an overview of the eight “sacred assemblies” mentioned in the Bible—the Sabbath and the seven “appointed feasts.” And, what it takes to prepare for them—both physically and spiritually.

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