Begin With Shabbat

Begin With Shabbat by Robert Gorelik

This 71-page book(downloadable in .pdf format) was not designed to be an exhaustive study of the Sabbath. It was not intended to be a comprehensive Friday evening “home-service.” And, it was not intended to take the place of a Friday Evening Service at a local Congregation or traditional Jewish Synagogue.

This book was designed to be an introduction to the Sabbath. It is a simple guide to help you start celebrating the Sabbath in your own home with your family and friends—in a way that is meaningful, faithful to the traditions that have been handed down by our forefathers (and foremothers) and simple to use.

It includes everything that you need to know about a home-service in order to get started. It tells you how to prepare, what to do at each step, what blessings to say, and how to pronounce (or chant) them in Hebrew. The blessings are transliterated and translated so that you can recite (or chant) them in Hebrew with confidence and know what the words mean. Further, this book provides insights into why we say what we say and why we do what we do. Every Biblical verse mentioned and rabbinic text cited is identified. So please, look them up. And enjoy celebrating the Sabbath!

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