Hebrew Idioms Workbook

"A Collection of Hebrew Idioms - Understanding the Language of Heaven" By Robert Gorelik

This study addresses some of the profound differences between Greek and Hebrew and explores the correlation between language and worldview, deals with the significance of each letter of the Hebrew alphabet and other related concepts, identifies hundreds of Hebrew idioms that employ the names of various parts of the human body - idioms that include words like "hand," "foot," "head," "face," "arm," "eye," "ear" and "heart" & discusses selected idioms in the Synoptic Gospels and other Apostolic texts as well.

The Workbook includes an extensive "Glossary of Terms and Sources" - those gleaned from the rabbinic literature as well as the Dead Sea Scrolls. This Seminar is a bit more "advanced" than some of the others - but richly rewarding to those who apply themselves to its lessons.

112-page workbook (Pdf format)

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