The Captive Woman (Workbook Only)

The Captive Woman

"The Captive Woman" - Understanding what the Bible Says About Women By Robert Gorelik

Where do modern attitudes toward women and their role in society come from? To what extent do these attitudes reflect Biblical principles generally and the teachings of the Apostle Paul specifically? It is important to understand what the Bible says about women and not draw unwarranted conclusions based on our own cultural and religious traditions. To this end, we will examine the Bible (from a Jewish perspective), look at Roman, Greek and Jewish literary sources and evaluate the role that women played in the ancient synagogue. Finally, we will look at the way Yeshua interacted with women and examine the teaching of the Apostle Paul. Paul''s teaching has been used to significantly restrict the role of women in the Christian Church and in society for two millennia - it''s time to understand the partnership that God has called both men and women too.

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