The Covenant

The Covenant Seminar by Robert Gorelik

This seminar is an in-depth study of the six biblical covenants specifically delineated in the Bible. It explores the covenants with Noah, with Abraham, with Moses, with Phinehas, with David and the New Covenant spoken of by the prophet Jeremiah.

An understanding of 'Covenant' is fundamental to one's relationship with the Lord - primarily because it not only provides the basis for that relationship but, the basis for our calling as well.

Special emphasis is put on the Covenant with Abraham, the Covenant with Moses and the New Covenant so that each one may be seen as complementary components of a comprehensive and inclusive theology of redemption.

The Seminar defines what a covenant is, how the various covenants were established, and how each covenant was fulfilled in the lives of those with whom they were made and with their descendants.

It also sheds light on the nature and identity of the Messiah - Messiah ben David and Messiah ben Joseph. And finally, it speaks to such issues as the "Ten Lost Tribes," the role of the Torah in the New Covenant, the "Great Commission," and the nature of the "Body of the Messiah."

8 CD Set + 65-Page Workbook Download Price: $24.97

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