The Essentials

“The Essentials” - The Importance of Hebrew Time and Space by Robert Gorelik

“The Essentials” Seminar (formerly entitled, "The Basics") explores the subject of Hermeneutics, which comes from the word hermanuo and means “to translate.” Therefore, it means the “science of interpretation.” It involves the principle of exegesis—or drawing the meaning and significance of a biblical text from out of the text itself—rather than reading a meaning into it (which is called isogesis).

The concept sounds simple enough, but it isn't. Primarily because our ability to rightly divide (or handle) the word of truth is affected by our “world-view”—whatever comprehensive understanding we have of God, the universe and humanity. Our world-view is determined by how we were raised, the relationship that we had (or have) with our parents, the language(s) that we speak, our culture and our values.

This usually determines how we “see” things- that is, how we understand things, and how we understand God's word. And, if that isn't enough, the people that God used to communicate His word had their own world-view—they perceived things in a particular way too.

Therefore, it is very important to know who they were, when they lived, what language they spoke and what they intended by the words they chose.

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