The Last Days

The Last Days

"The Last Days" - Distinguishing Between Prophecy & Headlines

Much of what is understood in Scripture as "prophetic fulfillment" in modern times is often a result of poor interpretation of the Biblical text, or a "sensationalist" application of modern day events by applying Scripture in order to make events or issues "fit" into a particular agenda-driven perspective. Our goal should be to understand Biblical prophecy as a blessing and comfort .NOT something to dread, or worse, to use as a tool to provoke fear, condemnation and even hatred of others who do not share one's views.

This study will examine what the Scripture really says, and perhaps most critically to "whom" it is said. The Word of God will come alive in modern relevance, in historical appreciation, and what is yet to come of the fulfillment of ancient promises to Israel and the world.

Currently in Process...

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