The Parables (Workbook Only)

“The Parables” - The Parables of Yeshua Compared to Rabbinic Parables by Robert Gorelik

This Seminar not only compares the Parables of Yeshua to Rabbinic Parables of the 2nd Temple Period but the parables are remarkable because they contain the teaching of Yeshua himself. They are his words and they communicate the words of a powerful Prophet, the great love and mercy of a compassionate Shepherd, the unique authority of the coming Messiah, and the profound humility of Yeshua.

It examines the Parables of Yeshua in light of Rabbinic Parables from the same period—and the parallels are exciting, illuminating the significance of Yeshua’s teaching in a way not possible to fully appreciate otherwise. The Seminar is based on the book “The Parables” by Dr. Brad Young, but also on the insights of Dr. Robert Lindsey, Dr. David Flusser, and David Biven.

Parables are a genre of literature unique to Yeshua and the Rabbis of the 2nd-Temple period. As such, it is imminently evident that the theology of Yeshua has deep roots in contemporary Jewish sources. Yeshua’s “theology was based on the rich Jewish traditions of Scripture, doctrine, belief, and practice. He was a Jewish teacher who lived in a specific (historical) setting.”

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