History in the making

From time to time we get updates from our friends Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abramowitz of http://thelandofisrael.com we want to share with you. This is one such updated because in this email Jeremy tells us how he and Ari are active participants of history in the making.


Shalom Friends,

It has been too long since my last update and for that I apologize. Along with the rest of the Bayit Yehudi team, I have been travelling the entirety of the country engaging in speeches, interviews and debates. I have never been so optimistic about the future of Israel and the Jewish People.

As I am sure you have all seen in every media outlet, the Bayit Yehudi has more momentum than any other party in the country. As of Friday, the three main polls give the Bayit Yehudi 14, 16, and 18 (putting me, thanks to all of you, well within the Knesset!) Can you believe that we are in contention for being the second largest party in the country?

While this excitement transcends demographics, the youth are by far the most zealous and enthusiastic. I have spoken to many high schools throughout the country and when they go back to their classes to vote, Bayit Yehudi comes out on top with an average of over 40% of the overall vote. Polls show that if only those under the age of 35 would be able to vote, The Bayit Yehudi would be the largest party in the country and Naftali Bennett would be Prime Minister!

Something new really is beginning here - this is the first time I can remember that it is “cool” to be a proud Zionist. I would say, for the first time, it's cool to be Dati Le'umi!

While there are hundreds or even thousands of relevant links to share, I wanted to share a couple highlights:

Channel 2 I debated with Limor Livnat – to me, the Likud seems more than a little nervous:

As I have already come clean that Ari is the soul of the operation, he threw together a commercial for the campaign. "The Daily Beast" – a widely read liberal media outlet, penned this academic deconstruction of this piece which was flattering, and honestly, humorous. Many of you may be reminded of an Art History course you took in college...

http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/12/25/naftali-bennett-wants-you.html -

This past Friday the JPOST featured a debate between all the parties in which I was representing the Bayit Yehudi and I simply said what everybody intuitively knows.

There is no question about it - we are witnessing history in the making. And we are not watching it from the sidelines, we are part it! Baruch Hashem!

B'Ahavat Yisrael,


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