Reality Of Human Trafficking

This is a re-post from Jerusalem Institute of Justice

Tomorrow, we're hosting a free, live webinar on The Reality Of Human Trafficking.

Vulnerable children and women need us now more than ever. Every victim is a person with a name, a story, and a dream.

People enslaved in prostitution have no choice. But we do.

Join the JIJ team on July 15 at 8 AM PDT / 11 AM EDT to get equipped with the truth, and join the movement to end this injustice.

Register For Free

We know that preventing prostitution and sex trafficking starts by applying legislation that confronts these horrors and abuses that occur daily.

Will you sit idly while people are abused and treated like objects? Or will you take the time to learn the facts and use your voice?

Register now, and we’ll walk you through the plan to protect victims, step by step.

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