Israel advocacy or Zionist education?


WHAT THEN, is the difference between being pro-Israel and a Zionist? .... it’s the difference between being a fan and being a player.

Someone who is “pro-Israel” loves Israel the way that I like the Atlanta Falcons. I love my team, I follow their latest news and developments and I don’t want anyone ridiculing them. If they do, I’ll stand up for my team, for their honor and mine. In contrast, a Zionist isn’t on the sidelines rooting for his team to win – he’s running the ball down the field. A Zionist sees himself as a player in the game. A Zionist sees himself as an active character in the story of the Jewish people.

In my years of speaking on behalf of Israel, filmmaking and teaching, I’ve found that the most profound message that resonates is recognizing our lives in Israel as another chapter in the 4,000-year old story of our people. We must continuously draw the lines from Abraham to Moses and Joshua to King David in biblical times to the Maccabees and Bar- Kochba and now, in post-biblical times, to the IDF. We are simply the next chapter in the greatest human story ever told.  Our goal must not only be to advocate for Israel, but to tell the story of our people. The story of our kingdom destroyed, our bitter exile and our ultimate liberation. It is the story of the undying hope of a people for 2,000 years; a dream to live as a free people and return to our homeland. That is the story the world must hear again and again.

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A Day for the History Books

Below is the email we recieved from Ari Abramowitz about the election day in Israel:

Shalom Friends,

Tuesday, election day, is a day that will go down in history books - especailly for the Bayit Yehudi. From the disregarded political sidelines, the Bayit Yehudi now represents the fourth largest party in the Knesset! Although our hopes were even higher, the party has many reasons to celebrate.

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Update from Ari and Jeremy


 As you know we have been keeping a very close eye on what is happening in Israel as well and Ari and Jeremy's campaign to gain a Knesset seat. Below is the latest update Ari and Jeremy sent us.

Shalom Friends!   

We wanted you to hear it from us first. 

At the very beginning of this campaign, we promised that we are not, and never will be, politicians.  The goal of Knesset politicians is to win the game of politics - to acquire and retain their Knesset Seat.

The gravity and urgency of our times demand unity in Israel and in the Religious Zionist camp. If we are able to bring this about through this declaration, even if we don't make it into the Knesset, we would consider our labors to have been both meaningful and purposeful despite what the personal fallout may be. While there is no reason that this should cost us our seat, it is a price we are willing to pay.

We wanted you - our friends, family, and mitpakdim  to hear it from us first.  We hope that you will see the critical importance of us taking this stand and that you will support us in this bold decision.

Please join us in supporting Ari & Jeremy. You may do so by clicking Like, Tweet, g+1 or share below. To learn more about Ari and Jeremy, their mission and the latest on what is happening in Israel visit


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An Update from Our Friends in Israel

We received the following email from or friends Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abramowitz and wanted to share it with you so you.

Shalom Friends,

To watch today's interview with Ari on FOX News click here - Ari Abramowitz on FOX News - Is Israel Ready for War?.

It seems like we struck a nerve - AGAIN! The feedback has been overwhelming!

If this is a message you want to hear the State of Israel projecting to the world- join Bayit Yehudi and vote us in!

All you need to do is fill out the form in English on our website -

Shalom from Jerusalem,

Jeremy Gimpel

We ask that you help us get the word out by clicking Like, Tweet, G1+ or Share below. THANK YOU!

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Israel Defense Forces send Tons of Goods Gaza

The following was sent to us by one of our members:

From June 10 to June 16, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) coordinated the transfer of 1,243 trucks carrying 34,062 tons of goods into the Gaza Strip.

Please tell me what country on earth, after being on the receiving end of over 150 deadly rocket attacks - nothing but fomented hatred aimed in their direction,  would do what Israel did to such an enemy this week?  And this is a regular, monthly delivery, FREE OF CHARGE.  Talk about “bite the hand that feeds them”... Amazing to me ... just had to share - Dolores Jones.

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