Bob Gorelik has touched the lives of hundreds of people around the world. Here are testimonial from just a few:

Thanks for your hard work and love for teaching.  Bob is a great and insightful teacher with, a wonderful sense of humor.  I have enjoyed his detailed studies and materials especially the resources on “Hebrew Idioms”.

One of the things I have appreciated, is that you are available after the teaching time to answer questions and your patience for us beginner, I have been Christian for over 30 some years, this is refreshing and what I have prayed for, a deeper understanding of the Text, Hebrew culture and community. I am starting with a open heart and new understanding and appreciation. I have been encouraged to study and look deeper than traditional Christain resources. I enjoy reading the text now more than ever before.

Some of the current studies in Deuteronomy, and the archived  studies Exodus  have really help me also understand now from a heart level, How loving our G-d really is, from a person healing from many traumas, just how Loving G-d really is!  That G-d is mercy, he is compassion, patience, and he is a forgiving loving Father  who  cares for his children ,the lost and hurting.   Thanks!! ~ Catherine

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The Leaders who lead well should be considered worthy of double honour, especially those working hard at communicating the Word and at teaching.  I Tim 5:17

Bob Gorelik's Ministry brings the First Century Messianic “Of The Way” movement's culture, language, and mission to the front-line of today's passive religiosity and reveals an undeniable Hebraic worldview.  Bob's pure love of Torah is evident in his scholarly and orthodox teaching style.  He is transparent, down to earth, real.  His every teaching session, seminar and all his written material reveal a man who has studied Torah for many years and walks  in it diligently. His depth of knowledge and understanding of Torah, and the Apostolic writings, empowers and compels a believer or non-believer to live a life pleasing to HaShem, giving honour and glory to Him as he/she  was created to do. 

This ministry presents what I have sought all of my adult life; and, because of the authentic Torah teaching offered through  Bob it makes it very non-intimidating to search out one's Jewish heritage in orthodoxy.  Now I have substance that lets me know why I don't think like everyone else. My talmidim experience with Bob Gorelik is rich in First Century authenticity. ~ Minister Steve Schnatz

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On March 7, 2010 My wife and I were married in what we believe to be a biblical wedding that incorporated Jewish traditions. Being both gentiles, Bob Gorelik was instrumental in the direction and explanation of the ceremony relating to gentiles and the way we can participate in the things of G-d. Bob Gorelik helped bring out the richness of Torah instructions concerning a wedding and illuminate the depth of the commitment one can attain being married in a way consistent with Torah goals.

On February 23, 2011, we celebrated the circumcision of our first child Micah Emuna Giron. With Bob Gorelik in attendance, he reminded us of the commitment we were making with our son and the importance of the act of continuation as we took one of our first steps in attempting to ensure a G-dly future for our son.
~Isaac and Deb Giron

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Bob's teachings are a breath of fresh air in a world that is polluted with religion.  I grew up in the "Church", but the Bible never made much sense to me.  I could not understand how I was supposed to trust a God, who punished His people for not keeping the law, when He knew full well that it was impossible for them to keep it, and then He did away with it.  Also, I could not understand how I could trust a God, who rejected Israel and replaced her with the "Church".  When I was 16, I gave up trying to make sense of the Scriptures and turned to the world for peace and rest.

After 26 years of addiction, I returned to God.  God took my desire to do drugs away.  I have been clean for ten years now.  About seven years ago, God led me to study the "Old Testament" and put a desire in my heart to learn about the Hebraic Roots of Christianity.  About four years ago, I ran across Bob's teachings.  Bob's teachings made sense, and confirmed what I already knew in the Spirit.  Now I realize that God did not replace Israel with the "Church", and He did not replace the law with grace.  I also realize that God did not punish His people for failing to do the impossible.  God's people could have kept the Torah, but He knew that since they were fallen creatures, they would not keep it perfectly, and so He gave them a way to receive forgiveness.  Bob helped me understand that Yeshua sacrificed Himself and released His grace before He laid the foundations of the earth, and the people in the "Old Testament" received this grace as they offered sacrifices while trusting in God's promises.  I now realize that most of the people in Israel kept the law without faith, which is why God punished her.  Bob helped me understand that I can trust God and count on His promises to Israel, and to me. ~Floyd Kelly

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As someone pursuing God, and having a deep desire to know who Jesus is, I was fortunate to be introduced to Bob Gorelik. Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to sit and learn from Bob Gorelik as he has helped me in understanding the Jewish roots of Jesus and the context and perspective in which He and His disciples taught. I have spent many hours listening to Bob Gorelik’s cd teachings from his seminars as well as we have had him in New Orleans for seminars here. Bob Gorelik has been very influential and helpful to our community as we have been pursuing how to live as a Biblical community. We have learned that to do this we must first know and understand the essentials of interpretation of scripture and the appreciation of the nourishing root that gives us our sustenance. We are thankful to Bob for his tireless hours of study, teaching and support. ~Matt Woodward

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Conocí a Bob  en un restaurante,  por medio de una amiga en común. Cuando me dijeron que Bob estaría enseñando la semana siguiente, quise estar ahí para escucharlo, pues hacía unos meses había estado leyendo algunos libros judíos que me habían hecho reflexionar en algunas cosas. Pero no sabía si mi esposo estaría interesado en ir, pues desde nuestra perspectiva reformada, como que la postura o pensamiento judío no cabe mucho.  Un lunes por la noche, comenzó nuestra travesía. No podía creer que estaba ahí. Nos sentamos a escuchar atentamente cada palabra que salía de la boca de Bob, aún tengo mis apuntes de aquella ocasión. Quería dejar cada palabra registrada, pues nos había cautivado cuando comenzó su enseñanza: “La Biblia interpreta la Biblia, si hay algo de lo que estoy diciendo que no está ahí, no me crean” fueron sus palabras parafraseadas, algo muy importante para el marco reformado, pues estaba hablando de hermeneútica y de exégesis. Era el seminario de Gálatas. Yo tenía un poco de miedo que dijera algo que no estuviera de acuerdo a los estándares protestantes, pues de ser así mi esposo no regresaría. Regresamos al siguiente día muy ansiosos por aprender más. Estábamos tan impactados que les hablamos a nuestros colegas pastores para que ellos fueran a escucharlo también.

Al parecer, todo iba bien, casi al final de esa noche dijo algo que desbarató todo nuestro marco teológico, “el Nuevo Testamento fue escrito en griego, pero pensado en hebreo” “Pablo nunca enseñó que la ley estaba abolida”, “Pedro siguió viviendo como judío, habían pasado muchos años después de la muerte de Jesús y Pedro nunca había probado algo inmundo”, etc. etc., entre otras cosas. Era suficiente para no volver, Pero nuestro corazón estaba atrapado. Esa noche recuerdo que Keneth, mi esposo, estaba muy enojado y me decía cosas como “si lo que él dice es verdad, creo saber cuales serían las implicaciones” a lo que yo le replicaba “¿cuál es el problema de que así fuera?, pero no se enoje conmigo, pues yo no lo he dicho”  Fue una de las primeras noches que no dormiríamos, hablando del tema, pero esa en especial estábamos molestos.

A la noche siguiente, llegamos antes de la hora, para seguir escuchando. Era algo así como masoquismo, pues hoy, cada palabra que Bob decía era como una bofetada a todo nuestro conocimiento. Fue una semana tremenda, no dormíamos, sentíamos que nos moríamos. Yo estaba embarazada de mi segundo hijo, tenía como 8 meses. Lloraba y lloraba. No podía parar de llorar, por un momento sentí que iba a dar a luz en ese momento. Me sentí muy desilusionada, sin esperanza. Ambos nos sentíamos así, frustrados, enojados, tristes, etc. Nos sentíamos burlados de lo que por tantos años habíamos aprendido y enseñado. ¿qué haríamos?

Recuerdo que Keneth me dijo, necesitamos de amigos, pues hoy los dos estamos tan mal que no podemos darnos ánimos. Les hablamos a nuestros colegas para seguir hablando y hablando. Esa semana Keneth predicaba y yo enseñaba en una clase, ninguno de los dos quería hacerlo, ¿qué íbamos a decir? ¿Qué enseñaríamos, si el poco conocimiento teológico que teníamos, había sido demolido en un par de horas, en una frase?

Desde ese momento tan especial, algo pasó en nuestras vidas, no solo espiritual, emocional, físico y mental. No volvimos a ser los mismos. Pues alguien no solo abrió su mente o su conocimiento, sino que también nos abrió su corazón. Nuestras vidas cambiaron drásticamente. Nuestra forma de enseñar dejó de ser tan dogmática, y creo que hoy somos libres. ¿Libres para qué o de qué? Libres para amar a Dios y obedecer Su palabra. Libres para amar a otros, sin juzgarlos o esperar algo de ellos, libres para cuestionar, libres para ayudar, para enseñar, libres para ser quienes realmente somos, libres para abrir nuestro corazón.  ~ Ethel Turcios de Menjívar

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I was introduced to the teaching ministry of Bob Gorelik through my friend Dr. Skip Moen. I was searching for a better understanding of the Covenants found in the Old Testament and Skip suggested I listen to Gorelik's teaching series called, Covenant. Bob Gorelik's ability to unpack and explain the scriptures from the perspective of the original authors and their intended audiences is excellent. I have since studied a couple more of his seminars and several of his audio teachings as well. Every one of Bob Gorelik's teachings has helped me grow in my knowledge and understanding of the meaning of the text.  Thank you Bob for your outstanding teaching ministry.~ John Thorman

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We have been privileged and blessed to have sat under Bob’s teachings over the past 20 plus years.  During that time period, we have appreciated the depth and breadth of the scope of his teachings.   His diligence in studying and preparation in each subject matter has provided us with a wealth of not only information but also understanding into the Hebrew and Jewish roots of our faith.  His Shabbat teachings, Seminars and the Webinars have been invaluable for our continued growth.  Bob’s passion for the Word is contagious, and we are deeply grateful to have the privilege to learn from him. ~Dan and Barbara Hume

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The original followers of Mashiach Ha Natzeret (the Messiah from Nazareth) were known as the Natzratim (the Jewish “sect of the Nazarenes”).  They were Jews who recorded the teachings and events of Yeshua as well as their own teachings in a body of documents called the K’tuvim b’Mashiach (the “Messianic Writings”).  (Christians refer to this as the New Testament.)  The problem is that much of this material cannot be correctly understood without the Jewish perspective.  For example, the P’rushim (the Pharisees) were among the highly educated scholars at the time of Yeshua.  When Yeshua addressed questions from the P’rushim (the Pharisees), he addressed them at their level of scholarship at that period of time.  Yeshua did not speak down to them at the simple, low level understanding of Gentiles who have no Jewish background.  Of course not, Yeshua spoke to the P’rushim at their level of sophistication, scholarship, knowledge, and background.  The problem is that Gentiles today cannot properly comprehend nor understand what Yeshua meant without having this background of Jewish concepts, constructs, and traditions.  Even if Gentiles turn to modern Rabbinic sources they might start to gain a better understanding; however, modern Rabbinic Judaism has spent 2,000 years refining arguments and interpretations designed to refute the claims of Yeshua.  So where can one turn to get the Jewish perspective that reflects the understanding of Yeshua’s original Jewish followers?  Thankfully, that rare Jewish perspective of the “Sect of the Nazarenes” (the Natzratim) lives today!  It continues to flourish through the teaching of Jewish Levite Robert Gorelik.

 I find Robert Gorelik’s teaching to be very rich with insight from the Natzratim perspective and often replete with citations from centuries of Rabbinic writings.  Robert is an eloquent speaker, who makes difficult concepts easy to understand and also fun to listen to.  He points out messianic perspectives that would probably be missed by most readers of Tanakh (what Christians call the Old Testament).  And he has a deep well of several decades of teaching experience from which he draws from.  So if you are happy with traditional Bible teaching and don’t care whether or not you understand what Yeshua or his talmidim (disciples) meant, then go ahead and ignore this Jewish perspective.  But if you truly care and think that it is important to understand what Yeshua actually meant by his teaching, and if you want to accurately understand the concepts that his talmidim (disciples) conveyed in their writings, then I have found no better source than Robert Gorelik.~Mark N. Orange County CA

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In 2006 I was completing my Masters at Fuller Seminary.  I offered a men’s small group 8 week study on the Book of Hebrews.   Bob Gorelik participated.

 Bob Gorelik is a sensitive and thorough teacher of God’s Word. He is easy going and willing to travel physically and spiritually paths not always followed in our world today.  Adventuring in faith with Bob Gorelik especially in a small group will definitely help bring you into a more intimate relationship with God. ~Byron H. Newport Beach, CA

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Captive Women really opened my eyes to the role of Hebrew women in the time of Jesus.  It challenged my understanding of the role of women in the emerging Church of the first and second centuries of the Common Era.  It made me proud of the contribution and dedication of these early women believers.  Further, I gained greater insight into the differences between the Western and Hebrew worldview and that has completely changed the way I see the role of women in the early church and the church of today. ~Kathy B. Irvine, CA

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I first listened to 'The Hebrew View of Space and Time' by Bob Gorelik in 2008.  It was a tumultuous time in my life, and among other things, I was grappling with Christianity, my religion since birth.  Bob opened up an entirely new paradigm to me by explaining various Biblical passages from the Hebrew point of view, which as it turns out, is much different from the Greek / Christian point of view.  This new Hebrew paradigm just made so much more sense to me as it seemed to line up with how life really seems to work.  It rung true.  ~Patrick S. –Scottsdale, Arizona

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We were in the midst of planning our wedding and trying to decide on who we would feel comfortable performing the ceremony (the absolute most important part of the whole day), when a family friend referred Bob to us and told about how he had helped to change her life through his teachings and friendship.  Intrigued by her story, we decided to call Bob and talk to him and get to know him better.  Long story short, we were married on November 12th and Bob presided over our ceremony and we could not have been happier! 

 Bob took the time to really get to know us.  He motivated us to understand our Jewish heritage by describing traditional Jewish wedding customs, explaining the sacred holy days, and offering their knowledge and experience in the Jewish faith.   Bob has not only made an ever-lasting impression on us, he also influenced many of our friends and family by sharing his story of personal growth, faith, and overall love for the word of G-d.  Bob is the type of man that embodies his passion with G-d and truly emits a sense of peace and kindness through even his words.  He is one of the few good men, a shepherd, who is inspired to teach and spread the good word of the Lord. 

 He is a man that will forever hold a special place in our hearts and we are truly blessed and honored to know him and to have him in our lives. ~Norma & Joe Marsh

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I have been incredibly blessed by hearing Bob teach in live seminars, cd seminars and around the table in casual conversation.  It is a joy to learn about the Scriptures from such a humble teacher.  I really value his wealth of knowledge and his patient explanations of what is sometimes difficult to grasp.  He has been a huge blessing to our community and my life has changed because of his investment in it. ~ Abbey Flaherty – New Orleans

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The most important part for me when listen to Bob's teachings, is the wealth of information from hebrew texts. This information makes the connection to the many questions concerning biblical roots, that were missed translated from the original scriptures. With so many translations of the bible available today, he provides sources from the original text for guidance and explanation that helped me in the past. Bob is master of paving the way for students to understand, after he paints a picture from a Hebrew mindset. I strongly recommend believers who are seeking help to understand the scriptures, listen to the teachings already prepared by Bob Gorelik. ~ Van

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