UN Orders Jewish State to Pay $1.1 Million in Damages

The following is from TribLive.com:

Another U.N. crock: Targeting Israel, coddling terrorists

Once again displaying its virulent, morally bankrupt anti-Israel bias, the United Nations General Assembly — at the behest of no less a paragon of rectitude than Syria's embattled Assad regime — has ordered the Jewish state to pay $1.1 million in “damages” for defending itself in 1996 from Hezbollah terrorists near the village of Qana in southern Lebanon.

The U.N. “peacekeeping budget” passed in late June calls on Israel to pay up for mistakenly damaging a U.N. compound and killing U.N. peacekeepers with airstrikes aimed at Hezbollah terrorists who'd been firing rockets and mortars into Israel from behind the U.N. base and were hiding on its grounds, The Washington Free Beacon Reports. The General Assembly vote was 126-3, with just the United States, Canada and Israel voting against the measure.

What Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in 1997 about a U.N. report on the incident still holds true: The U.N. ignores Hezbollah's use of civilians as human shields and U.N. sites as launch pads for attacks on Israel.

In response to this latest U.N. crock, Ron Prosor, Israel's U.N. ambassador, told The Beacon: “I wonder when the U.N. will level fines against Lebanon and Syria for the extensive destruction and devastation they have caused on our borders.”

U.S. taxpayers must wonder why they're still footing most of the bills run up by the tyrant-loving, terrorist-coddling U.N. — and why America still hasn't led a mass exodus of like-minded, freedom-loving nations from Turtle Bay.

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