New episode of the Joshua and Caleb report.

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The next episode of the Joshua & Caleb Report is here!

Come along for a fun and exciting tour with Luke Hilton and Caleb Waller as they visit the wineries nestled amongst the hills of the Shomron Mountains that run through the heart of the land of Israel. Each winery has its own unique architecture, style and taste – and they each have a captivating story to tell!

Be prepared for beautiful landscapes and boutique wineries, as you explore the viticulture, both ancient and modern, of the heartland of Israel.
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In loving memory of my precious “Dodi” (my beloved)

Words cannot express my love for you. You have been my best friend for many years – our connection to each other was quite unexpected ‐ and magical. You and I define “b’shert” – we are soulmates – destined to be together – and for a reason, I do not understand, and cannot grasp, you were destined to be taken from me. And from my feeble perspective – years and years before your time. Baruch Dayan HaEmet (Blessed be the True Judge).

You are life itself. Kind, compassionate, gracious, generous, filled with great courage and strength – a lover of HaShem, of truth and our shared Jewish heritage – the “caretaker” of our kosher kitchen.

Even though you had no children of your own, you always wanted grandchildren. And so, my children became your children, and you loved and cherished them with your whole heart. And my grandchildren became your grandchildren and you loved and cherished them even more.

You have been my faithful friend, my truest companion and partner, my greatest inspiration ‐ the one who made our house a home filled with warmth and laughter, quietness, and comfort.

I cannot imagine life without you. I miss you so much it is sometimes hard to breathe. My only solace is knowing that the suffering you endured is no more. For that, I am very grateful. And, for the time being, only you know who “won” the many “bets” we had regarding what the Olam HaBa (the World‐To‐Come) is like and the answers to so many other questions about the Bible and about life that we pondered together. I trust you to save me a seat!

I have, and always will, treasure every moment that we spent together. I miss you so very, very much! I love you with all my heart!

Good Schools Aren’t the Secret to Israel’s High-Tech Boom

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A library in Ramla, Israel. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES
A library in Ramla, Israel. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

I am often asked how a country the size of New Jersey, with fewer residents than New York City, became a global high-tech force. In a dynamic world, where innovation and adaptation are crucial, everyone wants to know Israel’s secret educational ingredient.
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Remember the Past to Build the Future (A Thought for Purim)

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If you’re driving through a Jewish area this Saturday night or Sunday, don’t be surprised if you see lots of children in the streets wearing fancy dress and masks, or people going from house to house delivering presents of food and drink. The reason is that we’ll be celebrating Purim, the most boisterous and exuberant of all Jewish festivals.
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Finally, A Place

by Skip Moen, D. Phil.

Many people ask me where they can study Scripture from the Hebraic perspective.  Until now, I haven't had an answer.  But thanks to the hard work of Matt Woodward, a new school has been born with the express purpose of examining the Bible, all of the Bible, from the perceptive of a Jewish, Messianic point of view.  I am proud to announce that this school is now accepting candidates.  It's methodology is unique.  It's purpose purely biblical.  It's impact will be enormous.

If you ever wanted to interact with teachers and students in the context of the original biblical meanings, this is the place.

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