Would you do me a favor today and read this and watch this video?

by Todd Ferguson

I'm hoping that you will invest 10 minutes of your precious time to watch this video!

It is important because it will give you a "non-media" view of the conflict in Gaza.

It is a short communication from a young lady who lives near the Gaza border in a Kibbutz and how they go about their days, generally happy, even though there is a near constant bombardment, but how that "normalcy" has changed now with Hamas digging tunnels under the Israel border to come murder and kidnap their family and children. It appears she lives in the Kibbutz just a hundred or so yards away from the tunnel where Hamas came out to attach them but was stopped in the nick of time by the IDF.

There's no bigger sadness than the loss of innocent life and the casualties in Gaza are horrifying, no doubt. Yet, it is not Israel's fault if the people don't leave when the leaflets are dropped. It is not Israel's fault if the people don't leave when Israel calls on their cell phones and texts them about their home being attacked within the next few minutes. Yes, they do that in almost every instance. (Email me if you don't believe this and I will send you the link that proves it.) It is not Israel's fault if the people don't rise up and stop Hamas from making them stay as human shields.

All I ask of you today is this....

If you walked out of your garden, outside of your property and you found terrorists coming out of tunnels with the sole mission of kidnapping or murdering you, what would you do? See how this everyday person feels about what is going on. It may change your perspective on Israel as compared to what you are being fed by the overwhelmingly anti-Israel media.

Now, watch this video and read the attached article and see if the answer you just gave to the above question has remained the same.

I must thank one of my close friends for forwarding this video to me. I've been searching for something that would make the attached article "real" for me. This video brings the reality home in a non-graphic, gruesome, or scary way.

Please also read this article "Why tunnels scare us".

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