Severe Snow Storm in Israel

I receive the following email and wanted to share it.

Dear Friends,

As you are no doubt aware, Israel has been hit by a severe snow storm which began last Wednesday.

Damage and power outages have been widespread in the Samarian region - the Shomron, and particularly in the town of Itamar, where the damage is staggering and where dozens of families are still without power, and thus spending their fifth cold dark night without heating or light. The children are at home in these shivering conditions as the schools and day care centers remain closed, and in many cases in need of extensive repairs.

Many temporary houses and structures have been destroyed including organic farmlands creating havoc and ruining livelihoods. We are starting to realize the sheer enormity of the week's snowstorms and the damage inflicted. The needs are great; housing repairs, hothouses to be erected again, kindergardens and schools need repair, and funds to allow small enterprises to rehabilitate themselves as soon as possible.

Generators need to be purchased to enable life to continue.

Private funding is urgently needed and hence your help would be much appreciated.

If you would like to participate in this massive effort,

please click here, or go to

You will then be able to enter your name and phone numbers, one our staff will contact you immediately.

Thank you.

Yonatan Boofty Arutz Sheva Israel.

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