Israel 2018

Some readers have asked if Skip and I will do another Israel tour. There is a possibility to do a tour in late October 2018, but it depends on interest (i.e, the number of people who would go) and schedules for Skip and me. This post is simply a way to determine how many people would be interested. If you are interested in a 12-day tour in the $2500 price range per person (NO airfare included), would you let Skip know ASAP? The tour operator in Israel is holding hotel space and I need to let her know if we might use it or let it go.

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What’s happening in Jerusalem?

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Posted by This Explains That on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Murder on the Temple Mount

This is a re-post from the Dry Bones Blog

The July 21 1951 news report in the Guardian:

King Abdullah of Jordan was assassinated by an Arab yesterday at the entrance to the El Aqsa Mosque, in the Old City of Jerusalem. The assassin, who had hidden behind the main gate of the mosque, shot at close range and was himself immediately shot dead by the King's bodyguard.
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