Why can’t we learn from this history???

Why can't we learn from this history???
by Todd Ferguson

Just some edifying things to put some of today's world chaos into perspective ...

In 1784 and 1785, the “Dey of Algiers,” an Ottoman (Turkish) Muslim, warlord in Algiers and other Morrocan muslims pirates from Algiers and Libya boarded, seized three U.S. ships and imprisoned the sailors as slaves. In 1786, Thomas Jefferson (and John Quicy Adams too) were sent to London to negotiate a treaty with the Dey’s ambassador, Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman. An agreement was made to pay ransom for the sailors in return for the promise of no further attacks. In responding to Congress to authorize the funds to pay the ransom, Jefferson was asked why these attacks were happening when the U.S. had no previous contact with these countries and rulers. Jefferson’s response stated:

“…that it (the Muslim faith) was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

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