Pray For Israel

Do you like to pray for Israel on a continual basis? Would you like encouragement to be reminded to?  If you’re like me, prayer sometimes comes easily, other times not so easily, and sometimes it helps to have a reminder or inspiration. This is precisely why our Siddur is such a treasure!  It provides just such inspiration. And here is something new you might enjoy along these lines.

I’m a member of Jewish charitable and news organization called, “Unity Coalition of Israel” and they have recently teamed up with another Israeli organization called “American Friends of Ariel”,  who just launched a brand-new weekly prayer for Israel program using the Psalms.  Each week they create a short  D’rash for the Psalm and a video to accompany it.  They are in English, with beautiful scenes from The Land. They discuss the meaning of certain Hebrew words as well so for those of you who know a little Hebrew, or would like to, you will enjoy very much.  Plus they are 2 minutes....nice and short!

Check it out below. And please let me know what you think.   Shalom uv’rachah!

This week- Psalm 4 - Weekly Prayer for Israel
Prayer is an exercise in expanding our lives. As we open our hearts with prayer we are given an opportunity to reach far beyond what we previously allowed ourselves to imagine.  Praying for Israel is a perfect example of this. Whereas many may pray for individuals, people who pray for Israel are praying for the entire world. They’re looking at what’s happening today, and they’re connecting, far beyond themselves, into an expanse that constantly draws international and multi-faith interest. When we pray with Israel we are attaching ourselves to something very vast and very meaningful.

YouTube video – 2:15 minutes

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