Below is another email I wanted to share with you. It comes from The Jewish National Fund.

On Monday, one-third of the American Studies Association’s (ASA) 3,800 members voted in favor of a boycott of Israel’s academic and research institutions. They follow the smaller Association for Asian American Studies which approved a similar boycott last spring, and now the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association has followed suit. …

Severe Snow Storm in Israel

I receive the following email and wanted to share it.

Dear Friends,

As you are no doubt aware, Israel has been hit by a severe snow storm which began last Wednesday.

Damage and power outages have been widespread in the Samarian region - the Shomron, and particularly in the town of Itamar, where the damage is staggering and where dozens of families are still without power, and thus spending their fifth cold dark night without heating or light. The children are at home in these shivering conditions as the schools and day care centers remain closed, and in many cases in need of extensive repairs.

Many temporary houses and structures have been destroyed including organic farmlands creating havoc and ruining livelihoods. We are starting to realize the sheer enormity of the week's snowstorms and the damage inflicted. The needs are great; housing repairs, hothouses to be erected again, kindergardens and schools need repair, and funds to allow small enterprises to rehabilitate themselves as soon as possible.

Generators need to be purchased to enable life to continue.

Private funding is urgently needed and hence your help would be much appreciated.

If you would like to participate in this massive effort,

please click here, or go to http://www.israelnationalnews.com/More/ActivePage.aspx/DonateItamar1

You will then be able to enter your name and phone numbers, one our staff will contact you immediately.

Thank you.

Yonatan Boofty Arutz Sheva Israel.

The Real U.N.

This video was sent to us by one of our members and contains information we feel everyone needs to know. Watch the video, then click the on the buttons below to share this post with others.

A Message from Jerusalem – The 9th of Av

This comes from our friend Ari Abramowitz from TheLandofIsrael.com:

Today, Jews around the world are preparing to fast and mourn the destruction of our Holy Temples in Jerusalem.

The seeds of this tragic day were planted upon the return of the spies bearing an evil report, full of fear and doubt, about the Land of Israel.(Numbers Ch.13)

Together, may we succeed in our mission of sharing the truth and beauty of the Land of Israel with the faith and courage of Joshua and Caleb.

May we grasp hands in in brotherhood and friendship and merit to be a part of the ingathering of the exiles and the rebuilding of the Temple.

"For my house will be a house of prayer for all nations" (Isaiah 56:7)

Allow us to see the events of our times with the hope and faith as our holy sage Rabbi Akiva.  When a group of scholars saw a fox scampering in the ruins of the Temple, they wept at the shame of what had become of the glory of Israel.     

Rabbi Akiva, however, astounded his companions by laughing.  

He understood that, just as the prophecies of destruction had come to pass, the prophecies of redemption, rebuilding, and renewal will also be fulfilled.  

With love from Jerusalem,


Israel advocacy or Zionist education?


WHAT THEN, is the difference between being pro-Israel and a Zionist? .... it’s the difference between being a fan and being a player.

Someone who is “pro-Israel” loves Israel the way that I like the Atlanta Falcons. I love my team, I follow their latest news and developments and I don’t want anyone ridiculing them. If they do, I’ll stand up for my team, for their honor and mine. In contrast, a Zionist isn’t on the sidelines rooting for his team to win – he’s running the ball down the field. A Zionist sees himself as a player in the game. A Zionist sees himself as an active character in the story of the Jewish people.

In my years of speaking on behalf of Israel, filmmaking and teaching, I’ve found that the most profound message that resonates is recognizing our lives in Israel as another chapter in the 4,000-year old story of our people. We must continuously draw the lines from Abraham to Moses and Joshua to King David in biblical times to the Maccabees and Bar- Kochba and now, in post-biblical times, to the IDF. We are simply the next chapter in the greatest human story ever told.  Our goal must not only be to advocate for Israel, but to tell the story of our people. The story of our kingdom destroyed, our bitter exile and our ultimate liberation. It is the story of the undying hope of a people for 2,000 years; a dream to live as a free people and return to our homeland. That is the story the world must hear again and again.

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